Chen Yajin

2012-12-18 00:51
M.D. & Ph.D.
Professor of Surgery
Doctoral Supervisor
Chairman of the Administrative Committee, Southern Campus of SYSH
Director of Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary(HPB) Surgical Department, SYSH

Clinical Focus
Prof. Chen Yajin has got rich clinical experience in diagnosing and treating benign and malignant diseases of the liver, pancreas, and biliary tract. He is especially good at the comprehensive surgical treatment of liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, biliary duct cancer, tumors of the ampulla of vater, hepatic calculus, hepatic cyst, liver hemangioma, pancreatic benign tumor, congenital bile duct abnormalities, etc. Prof. Chan Yajin is also expert at intricate hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeries for large hepatocellular carcinoma, recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma, Hilar cholangiocarcinoma, etc.


Research Interests
Prof. Chen Yajin mainly focuses on the clinical and basic researches of malignant tumors of the liver, pancreas, and biliary tract. He is also keen at applying the minimally invasive technique to his daily treatments. He is one of the first doctors in Guangdong Province to perform anterior hepatectomy, to practice intricate techniques of liver resection that will stop liver bleeding, and to start laparoscopic liver resection. In August, 2013, he managed to perform the first laparoscopically assisted Associating Liver Partition with Portal Vein Ligation for Staged Hepatectomy (ALPPS) in China. By far, Prof. Chen Yajin has performed more than three hundred cases of laparoscopic liver resections. His techniques has won him a leading position in the field of Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB) surgery in China.


Academic Achievements
Prof. Chen Yajin has chaired three scientific research projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China for the past years. In 2009, he was granted the Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Runner-up Award for his contributions in the filed. Hosting several Lingnan Summit Forums of Minimally Invasive Surgery for Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas, Prof. Chen Yajin has established the first regional exchange and communication platform in the filed and helped promote the development of minimally invasive technology. He has also been invited to dozens of international academic conferences and released more than 20 pieces of research papers at known magazines.

1986.07, Bachelor Degree in Medicine, Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences
1995.07, Doctorate Degree in Clinical Medicine, Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences


Social Responsibility
Standing Committee Member of the Affiliate of Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas Surgery, Guangdong Medical Association

Standing Committee Member of the Surgery Affiliate, Guangdong Medical Doctor Association

Member of the Minimally Invasive Technique Committee, Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Standing Member of the Biliary Tract Committee, Chinese Medical Doctor Association
Member of the Editorial Board, Chinese Journal of Hepatobiliary Surgery, Chinese Journal of Surgery, Chinese Journal of Practical Surgery, and Chinese Journal of Endoscopic Surgery


Representative Publications

1. Lv LH, Wan YL, Lin Y, Zhang W, Yang M, Li GL, Lin HM, Shang CZ, Chen YJ*, Min J*. Anticancer drugs cause release of exosomes with heat shock proteins from human hepatocellular carcinoma cells that elicit effective natural killer cell antitumor responses in vitro. J Biol Chem. 2012, 287(19): 15874-15885.  (*Corresponding Author)

2) Zhang HW, Chen YJ*, Cao MH, Ji FT. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy under epidural anesthesia: a retrospective comparison of 100 patients. Am Surg. 2012, 78(1): 107-10. (*Corresponding Author)

3)  Cao J, Shang CZ, Lü LH, Qiu DC, Ren M, Chen YJ*, Min J*. Differentiation of embryonic stem cells into hepatocytes that coexpress coagulation factors VIII and IX. Acta Pharmacol Sin. 2010, 31(11): 1478-1486. (*Corresponding Author)

4)  Zhang L, Chen YJ*, Shang CZ, Zhang HW, Huang ZJ. Total laparoscopic liver r esection in 78 patients. World J Gastroenterol. 2009, 15(45): 5727-5731. (*Corresponding Author)



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